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VisionTV Sets Premiere Date for “theZoomer”

theZoomer - Show Logo in Predicta

Conrad Black and Denise Donlon set to co-host gutsy new
current affairs and lifestyle show
Mondays at 9pm ET starting October 7, 2013

Canadians will have a new weekly 60-minute current affairs show to catch on VisionTV, Monday evenings at 9pm ET starting October 7, 2013. That’s the date Moses Znaimer, founder of ZoomerMedia and VisionTV Executive Producer, has set to premiere “theZoomer”, co-hosted by Canada’s provocative and highly controversial columnist, historian, and preeminent intellectual Conrad Black and former Citytv/MuchMusic journalist, producer, CBC Radio executive, and Sony Music Canada president, Denise Donlon.

Forty years after Moses co-founded Citytv, gutsy television lives on. It’s the next step in his New Vision of Aging, that is, Moses’ crusade to alter the stereotype and shape the agenda when it comes to topics of greatest importance to Canadians as they age.

“theZoomer” is not about being apologetic. It will be groundbreaking, intelligent, and hard-hitting discussion on how our growing demographic is changing Canada and the world culturally, socially, politically, economically. “The issues go the core of how our society will function in the decades ahead,” said Denise in a recent editorial meeting.

In every episode, with wit, verve, tongue, and cheek, Conrad will conduct a feature “Conversation With Conrad”, or participate in a panel discussion with some of the world’s Greats. His weekly “Talk Black” editorials will tackle issues that really get under his skin – the US justice system, prison reform, religious persecution, ageism, and the world’s financial crisis to name a few.

Denise, a Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee, will be familiar to Zoomer viewers as the host and producer of groundbreaking music programs in the early days of Citytv, and MuchMusic/MuchMoreMusic, where Moses appointed her to mark and champion the careers of countless Canadian artists.

Donlon will moderate the “The Zoomer Round Table”, a lively discussion of current affairs, health, finance, and new ideas accompanied by cooking, humour, and live performances.

Regular contributors will include Zoomer Report host and broadcaster Libby Znaimer, Zoomer magazine Editor-in-Chief and fashion icon Suzanne Boyd, CARP’s game-changing VP Advocacy Susan Eng, Canada’s most outspoken consumer advocate Dale Goldhawk, “Zoomer Doctor-in-Residence” Dr. Zack Levine, ZoomerMedia VP, author and Boomer trend expert David Cravit, and CARP’s General Manager Ross Mayot.

“theZoomer” is a perfectly timed addition to the television landscape. Generally speaking, the world is living longer and better. Canada’s 45plus population now accounts for 15.1 million or 54 percent of the adult population. 96 percent of Zoomers watched TV in the past week! Yet, no one is creating content that speaks specifically to, and for, this dominant, and vocal, demographic.

“theZoomer” will be shot weekly in front of a live studio audience at The ZoomerPlex, a 2-acre multi-media, production, and event facility, and home to CARP’s Head Office, located in Toronto’s burgeoning Liberty Village.
Interested in becoming a member of the studio audience? Email:
[email protected].

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