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Fun Poll: Make Your Choice From Cilla’s Closet

Sheridan Smith stars as Cilla Black in Cilla

The Merseybeat era of early ’60s Liverpool comes electrically alive in the award-winning, ITV bio-series, Cilla. While the music and performances command center stage, the lovingly and painstakingly recreated aesthetics of the period transport the viewer seamlessly back to a time when music and social norms were going through a revolutionary transformation.

Costume designer Amy Roberts and her team rose to the challenge of sourcing and commissioning the perfect wardrobe for BAFTA winner Sheridan Smith to wear as she brought Cilla Black’s amazing, rise-to-fame story to the small screen. She also dressed the entire ensemble cast and aimed for believability first. “Clothes are part of the character,” Roberts explains to the Daily Mail, “so it’s important the actors don’t feel they are wearing fancy dress.” Roberts has also costume designed for Call the Midwife and the recent update of Upstairs, Downstairs.

The three-part Cilla mini-series has become a major fan favourite on VisionTV and we’re in the midst of a special, encore airing Fridays at 10pm ET/7 PT through November 27th, 2015. Check out more about Cilla’s story here.

The ’60s was a fashion decade of big changes, bold colours and high hemlines and it’s all reflected in the brilliant wardrobe worn by the cast of Cilla. So, we decided to swing open the doors on Cilla’s costume closet to let you peruse and choose the dress that impresses you the most. Click on your favourite below and see how your eye for fashion stacks up against popular public opinion.

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