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Buying Air Time

If you would like to purchase on-air or online advertising please visit our ADVERTISE WITH VISION page for contacts and further information.

If you would like to purchase broadcast time for faith-based programming, please contact either Tore or Tony via their contact information below.


To purchase Christian Paid Programming time and advertising for Christian Ministries please contact:

Tore Stautland, CEO, TMG Inc.
Box 21003 RPO Northtown
Welland, ON L3C 7E6

Office: 905-667-4269
Mobile: 772-418-2143
Fax: 905-778-9121
Email:[email protected]

To purchase South Asian/Non-Christian programming time, please contact:

Tony Greco, VP, Television Program Distribution and Block Time Sales
64 Jefferson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4

Phone: 416-368-3194 X 302
Email:[email protected]

Table of Contents

  1. About VisionTV
  2. Value Added Services
  3. What Qualifies as a Mosaic Program
  4. Forms
  5. Appendices

About VisionTV

Please visit our About page to learn more about VisionTV.

Value Added Services

When you buy time on VisionTV, we are committed to helping you grow your audience. Here’s how:

  • Email Newsletter: Every month VisionTV produces an email newsletter, which gets distributed to our database of viewers, media, advertisers and partners. There is a special section within the newsletter allocated to topics relating to our Mosaic partners.
  • www.visiontv.ca: The brand new VisionTV website has been redesigned to provide enhanced programming content, polls, discussion threads and contests. Mosaic partners are encouraged to showcase their programs and to take advantage of the features available online.
  • Viewer Research: VisionTV commissions extensive research reporting and surveys throughout the year. Mosaic partners not only have access to this proprietary research and reporting but can also participate in primary surveys at a substantially reduced cost.
  • Advertising: Print advertising campaigns are a vital part of VisionTV’s marketing mix. This presents a unique opportunity for our Mosaic partners to profile their shows at a very reasonable cost through participation in our co-operative marketing programs.
  • On-Air Promotions: VisionTV has an experienced in-house production staff that can help you develop on-air advertising or promotions at a reduced rate.
  • Marketing Expertise: Our marketing staff at VisionTV are always available to work with our Mosaic partners to create new and exciting ways of increasing the awareness of your program and helping to build your audience.


What Qualifies as a Mosaic Program

A Mosaic program is defined as representing one or more faith communities, each of which meets each of the four following criteria:

  1. Permanency: The existence of the faith group must have been recognized for a minimum of 75 years. This includes any sect or “new religion” not recognized by any major group5 in Canada.
  2. National Identity: The faith group must be represented by organized groups of adherents in at least five of the twelve provinces and territories.
  3. Entitlement to Perform Marriage: The faith group must have the legal right to solemnize marriage.
  4. Charitable Status: The faith group must be a registered charity in Canada.

Your program must be sponsored by one of the following religious faith group organizations:

  1. Faith-related, Accredited Educational Institutions: Accreditation for institutions must come from a North American or world religious educational association, such as the Association of Theological Schools, or American Association of Bible Schools.
  2. Broadcast Ministries
    a) Broadcast Ministries must have been broadcasting on television for two years prior to their application to VisionTV, or if the Broadcast Ministry is newly established it must be recognized by a major faith group.
    b) The Broadcast Ministry must be a registered charity in Canada.
  3. Religious Societies and Associations: Religious Societies and Associations must meet both the following conditions:
    a) Recognition — The society or association must be recognized by a major faith group of Canada.
    b) Charitable Status — The society of association must have charitable status in Canada.



Link to CRTC Application for Canadian Program Certification