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VisionTV Technical Specifications — Mosaic

  1. VisionTV’s formats of choice for delivery of programs are Beta SX, DVC PRO, and Beta SP. The two primary formats are Beta SX and DVC PRO.
  2. Productions in 16:9 or 14:9 aspect ratio must be fully panned and scanned or letter boxed to fit 4:3.
  3. Reference color bars and tone at the head of each tape must be a true indication of the Program’s chroma, video, pedestal & phase, and audio levels. At least: 40 seconds of bars and tone is required.
  4. Slates, including series and episode title/number, program length and audio information, must follow bars & tone at the head of each tape. A slate should last: 10 seconds. Please include: 10 seconds of black between the slate and program start.
  5. All programs delivered must have leaders on them that conform to the following standard. Time code has to be continuous throughout the tape.
    • 09:58:00:00 Black and silence
    • 09:58:30:00 Color bars and tone start
    • 09:59:30:00 Slate
    • 09:59:40:00 Black and Silence
    • 10:00:00:00 Program start
  6. Stereo programs must have a stereo mix on left and right audio channels. Split track audio is not acceptable (i.e.: music and f/x on channel 1, v/o on channel 2). Program audio for monaural programs should be on both audio tracks 1 & 2.
  7. Dolby C encoded programs shall conform to standard Dolby procedures and shall have both box and cassette labeled as Dolby C encoded. VisionTV will not accept Dolby A, B or DBX systems on any format.
  8. SMPTE 525/60 compensated time and control code (drop frame) time code must be present, continuous and uninterrupted from start of tape to 60 seconds after the end of the program. Time code should be first generation on master videotape. Drop frame time code is the standard used at VisionTV since it allows tape time to run perfectly in sync with real time.
  9. Closed captions must be encoded on line 21 of the vertical blanking interval (VBI), and preferably displayed on the bottom of the screen. Closed captions must meet technical standards. The base of the captioning signal must rest between 0 and 2 IRE (digital or analog), and reach a level of 350 mV. In addition, the captions must decode correctly when using any of our benchmark decoders: EEG EN270-600 (or higher), EEG EN470, Evertz 8074. Failure to decode correctly on any of these decoders will delay program acceptance.
  10. No data or test signals shall be encoded on either field of vertical interval lines 7 through 22, inclusive without prior consent of VTV. Permitted exceptions are vertical interval time code on lines 12 through 17 inclusive and line 21 field 1 which may be used for English language CC1 captions. Text and XDS data are not permitted without prior consent.
  11. Videotape labels should include the series and episode title/number, program length, and information pertaining to audio track assignment, noise reduction, recording standard (NTSC) and tape generation. Mosaic programs should also include airdates where possible.
  12. Mosaic program content length should not exceed 57:00 min. in an hour and 28:30 min. in a half-hour, unless otherwise specified in the Agreement. Mosaic program refers to all paid airtime programming sponsored by Faith Groups and Broadcast Ministries.