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VisionTV Presents The Human Rights Series
A series of documentary specials exposing mass atrocities, religious persecution and intolerance around the world.
Executive Producer: Moses Znaimer

Fear. Hatred. Misconceptions. Lies. Distrust. Amongst our world’s rich kaleidoscope of cultures, ethnicity and faiths, these all factor in to why one group of human beings may revile and persecute another. VisionTV’s HUMAN RIGHTS SERIES is a compendium of hard-hitting, shocking, enlightening and ultimately hopeful documentaries exploring and shedding light on the dark corners of religion and ethnicity-based hatred and violence.

Coinciding with the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, we encored and premiered this group of documentary specials exposing ongoing and increasing mass atrocities, religious persecution and intolerance around the world. Watch video, see pictures and find out more below.


Facing Extremism

Produced and Directed by Patricia Bush, Created by Ron Lillie and Patricia Bush, Summerhill Entertainment
Executive Produced by Moses Znaimer
Facing Extremism

On the surface an Islamic terrorist, white supremacist, honour killer and violent right-to-lifer would seem to share little in common, but through the exchange of stories from perpetrators and victims of hate crimes and terrorism, we find out what goes into the making of any extremist, and into breaking that mindset. Experts on the psychology of extremism help us tie these divergent stories together. We don’t take sides that support or condemn any belief or political cause, but simply share the stories to gain new insight into the pathology of extremism and ways to stop the hate.


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Facing Extremism

The stories of a variety of extremist acts, including those from a former white supremacist and Islamic extremist, are explored to gain new insight into the pathology of extremism and ways to stop the hate.



Facing Extremism
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Facing Extremism

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Facing Extremism
Tarek Fatah, Canadian writer, broadcaster, secularist and liberal activist, and a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

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Facing Extremism
Sikh Temple of Wisconsin where racially motivated shooting spree took place.

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Facing Extremism
Sikh Temple of Wisconsin peace rally.

4 / 12
Facing Extremism
Article by Amanda Robb, niece of Dr. Bart Slepian, murdered by an Anti-abortion activist.

5 / 12
Facing Extremism
Peter Coleman, Professor of Psychology and Education Director, Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR).

6 / 12
Facing Extremism
Neo-Nazi Rally

7 / 12
Facing Extremism
Mubin Shaikh, expert on radicalization, deradicalization, countering violent extremism (CVE), National security and Counter-terrorism.

8 / 12
Facing Extremism
Maureen Basnicki, co-founder Canadian Coalition Against Terror.

9 / 12
Facing Extremism
Dr. Karen Mock, former Executive Director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

10 / 12
Facing Extremism
Two Afghan men recount the story of an honour killing in their extended family.

11 / 12
Facing Extremism
Bill White at a Neo-Nazi rally.

12 / 12
Facing Extremism
Former white supremacist and author of "My Life With Hate", Arno Michaelis performs with his former band Centurion.

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