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Canada's Place in the World

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Hundreds of Canada’s financial leaders gathered in Toronto to hear about the seismic changes in the world economy, and the decay of traditional alliances and international organizations. Conrad Black brought together a few distinguished panelists including British Politician Nigel Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party and Canadian Born Mark Steyn writer and political commentator who now resides in the US.

Discussed was the extreme disarray of Europe, the US mired in fiscal deficits and former great powers such as Russia and France in decline. Most recently the Brits came calling for our Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney to head their Bank of England. As many world leaders have now noticed, Carney was able to steer Canada through the worst Global financial crisis in 80 years. Though Canada emerged from 2008 in possibly the best position of any of the major industrialized economies, global forces continue to threaten. Therefore we ask: ” What Role Does Canada Have in the World”?

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