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Peter Falk stars in Columbo: By Dawn's Early Light

Columbo: By Dawn's Early Light

Thurs., Aug. 15, 2019 | 9pm ET / 6pm PT

Patrick McGoohan guest-stars as an overbearing military academy commandant who is suspected of homicide in By Dawn’s Early Light.

Col. Lyle C. Rumford (Patrick McGoohan) forsees an end to his command at Haynes Military Academy and possibly the end to his military career when board chairman William Haynes (Tom Sincox) informs the colonel of his decision to convert the school into a co-ed junior college. The pompous colonel’s tactical strategy to offset the ultimate demise of the long-standing military institution adds up to a cleverly thought out homicide. Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) sidesteps Rumford’s military maneuvers in his own inimitable style to nab his quarry.

This episode was filmed entirely on location at the Citadel Military Academy and in sections of Charleston, SC.



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