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Columbo: Now You See Him

Wed. & Thurs., May 23 & 24, 2019 | Midnight & 9pmET/9pm & 6pm PT

Lieutenant Columbo (Peter Falk) matches wits with a charming night club entertainer whom he suspects of homicide. During his magic act, the Great Santini (Jack Cassidy) slays business associate Jesse Jarome, who was blackmailing him.

Though the illusionist has a solid alibi – he was supposedly submerged in an air-tight trunk – Lieutenant Columbo finds clues that incriminate him. Meanwhile, Sgt. Wilson discovers evidence of Santini’s carefully laid plan to frame nightclub singer Danny Green. Guest stars: Bob Dishy and Nehemiah Persoff. (1976)

“Columbo: Now You See Him,” will air in its entirety on Monday, July 10.

No more videos for this show - You can watch this show on Vision TV. Check out our show schedule.

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