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Last of the Summer Wine: Cleggy, Foggy and Compo

Last of the Summer Wine

Fridays |  8pm ET/5pm PT

Last of the Summer Wine is the longest-running comedy program in Britain, and the longest running situation comedy in the world. Share the fun as three lovable senior delinquents enjoy the simple pleasures of being unemployed in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Who else would try to return a bike purchased in 1946, launch a suspicious-looking wonder-cleaner on an unsuspecting public, and take an invalid friend on an all too final frolic?

Welcome to second childhood…

The picturesque Pennine village of Holmfirth is the setting for this vintage comedy, which first began life in 1973. This is Brontë country – miles and miles of unspoilt moorland – and a breath-taking backdrop to the antics of our delinquents and their demented friends.

Last of the Summer Wine has a strong ensemble cast of characters, though there has always been a central trio. For many years, the two stalwarts were:

Compo (Bill Owen), a lovable scruff with a mischievous chuckle on a lifelong quest to win the heart of the formidable Nora Batty.

Clegg (Peter Sallis), a timid chap, terrified of women, with a wry sense of humour and a philosophical approach to life.

Last of the Summer Wine - 1970s Cast   Last of the Summer Wine - Cast

The third varied as people came and went: Blamire (Michael Bates), the original member of the trio with brio, Foggy Dewhurst (Brian Wilde), who could not quite forget he was a corporal, Seymour (Michael Aldridge), a lunatic inventor and ex-headmaster, Truly (Frank Thornton aka Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served?), an old school chum and former mainstay of Scotland Yard.

Filling their time with all kinds of (grey) hair- brained schemes, our incorrigible “Zoomers” gallivant through the village and across the Dales, giggling with glee and behaving like a trio of truant schoolboys.

Last of the Summer Wine S6: (L to R) Foggy (BRIAN WILDE), Compo (BILL OWEN), Clegg (PETER SALLIS) © BBC 1981

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