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Our Lady

Our Lady

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This one hour documentary chronicles the life and significance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her apparitions and appearances on earth, and the 30th anniversary of the supernatural events that have been taking place in Medjugorje, Bosnia. It follows a dozen Canadian pilgrims as they visit the famous shrine.

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Discover the iMary Mobile App:

The iMary mobile application is the ultimate smart phone accessory for anyone interested in the Blessed Virgin Mary. The iMary features a complete and detailed database of all the Marion Shrines across Canada with a geo-locator function indicating the distance from the user’s location.

The application also contains features such as the history of the Virgin Mary, a list of Devotions, a calendar with Virgin Mary specific days such as feasts, and the Rosary. iMary features a stained glass design theme and the integrated Facebook group which will allow users to connect with other Marion Shrine devotees around the world.

Purchase the iMary App from iTunes:           iMary - iLady Productions Inc.

iMary Mobile App Opening Page

iMary Mobile App Calendar Page

iMary Mobile App Rosary Page

iMary Mobile App Shrines Page

iMary Mobile App History Page

iMary Mobile App Devotions Page

No more videos for this show - You can watch this show on Vision TV. Check out our show schedule.

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