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Jericho - Annie Blue

Dressing Up the Shantytown Community of Jericho

It’s easy to watch Jericho and feel as if a time machine was sent to 1874 Yorkshire and brought back people from that period, to present day. Continue reading

Jericho - S1

Clarke Peters is Ralph Coates, Jericho’s Mysterious Authority Figure

During a recent interview, veteran actor Clarke Peters touched on the mysterious Jericho character of Ralph Coates. Continue reading

Jericho - S1

Jericho’s Love Story of Annie and Johnny

One of the major storylines working its way through “Jericho” is the evolving relationship between Annie and Johnny. Here’s a closer look. Watch Tuesdays at 8pm ET. Continue reading

Jericho - S1

Jericho at a Glance: Johnny Jackson – the Strapping, Mysterious Man About Shantytown

Johnny Jackson is, a strapping, mysterious man who has made his way to the Shantytown of Jericho. But, there’s way more to him than that. Continue reading

Jericho - S1

Jericho’s Jessica Raine: From Midwifery to Shantytown Survival

Jessica Raine (formerly of “Call the Midwife”) discusses her love for the role as Annie Quaintain on the Shantytown drama, “Jericho.” Continue reading

Downton Abbey S6 - Call the Midwife S4 Combo

Downton May be Done, but VisionTV has Your British Fix this Fall!

As saddened as we are that “Downton Abbey” has drawn to a close, we are thrilled to bring you an incredible collection of new British programming this fall. Continue reading

VisionTV Fall 2016 Programming Highlights Banner

VisionTV Brings You Exceptional New British & Family Shows this Fall!

When the calendar turns over to September, VisionTV will rollout a fresh collection of incredible British and Family programming. Continue reading

Jericho - Jessica Raine

Getting to Know the Shantytown Drama, Jericho

With little in her pockets, Annie (Jessica Raine) takes her children on the search for a fresh start, which leads her to the shantytown of Jericho. Premieres Tues., Sept. 6 at 8pm ET. Continue reading