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Jericho - Annie Blue

Dressing Up the Shantytown Community of Jericho

It’s easy to watch Jericho and feel as if a time machine was sent to 1874 Yorkshire and brought back people from that period, to present day. Continue reading

Jericho - S1

Jericho’s Love Story of Annie and Johnny

One of the major storylines working its way through “Jericho” is the evolving relationship between Annie and Johnny. Here’s a closer look. Watch Tuesdays at 8pm ET. Continue reading

Jericho - S1

Jericho at a Glance: Johnny Jackson – the Strapping, Mysterious Man About Shantytown

Johnny Jackson is, a strapping, mysterious man who has made his way to the Shantytown of Jericho. But, there’s way more to him than that. Continue reading

Jericho - S1

Jericho’s Jessica Raine: From Midwifery to Shantytown Survival

Jessica Raine (formerly of “Call the Midwife”) discusses her love for the role as Annie Quaintain on the Shantytown drama, “Jericho.” Continue reading

Jericho - Jessica Raine

Getting to Know the Shantytown Drama, Jericho

With little in her pockets, Annie (Jessica Raine) takes her children on the search for a fresh start, which leads her to the shantytown of Jericho. Premieres Tues., Sept. 6 at 8pm ET. Continue reading