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Poldark Poll S1E8

Poldark Poll S1E8: How Will Ross Combat the Corrupt Hand of Justice?

After being arrested on false charges, how do you think Ross will combat the corrupt hand of justice?
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Poldark Poll S1E7

Poldark Poll S1E7: Will Ross Be Able to Forgive Demelza for the Damage She’s Done?

After helping bring Verity and Captain Blamey together, should Demelza be forgiven by Ross for the damage she’s done? Continue reading

Poldark Poll S1E6

Poldark Poll S1E6: How Should Mark Deal with Keren’s Wandering Eye?

With Mark suspecting that Keren is looking for dalliances outside of their marriage, he has found himself in a very trying predicament. Continue reading

Poldark Poll S1E5

Poldark Poll S1E5: Do You Believe Demelza and Elizabeth’s Bond Will Grow Stronger?

In this week’s Poldark Poll, we want to know your thoughts about the relationship between Demelza & Elizabeth. Continue reading

Poldark Poll S1E4

Poldark Poll S1E4: Should Francis Focus More on Fixing His Struggling Marriage?

Do you think Francis should focus more on fixing his struggling marriage and less on Ross’ joyous nuptial? Continue reading

Poldark Poll S1E3

Poldark Poll S1E3: Should Ross & Demelza Be Married?

When Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) returned to Cornwall following the war, he was stunned to find that his past love, Elizabeth (Heida Reed), had become engaged to his cousin Francis (Kyle Soller). Reeling from this revelation, as well as news … Continue reading

Poldark Poll S1E1

Poldark Poll S1E1: Who Should Elizabeth Have Chosen?

Should Elizabeth have parted ways with Francis once her old flame, Ross Poldark, re-surfaced? Give us your opinion via our Poldark Poll. Continue reading

Make Your Choice from Cilla's Closet

Fun Poll: Make Your Choice From Cilla’s Closet

In Cilla, sensational ’60s style also comes alive in the costumes. Tell us, which one of Cilla’s minis would have made it into your closet? Continue reading